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Edinburgh Realism Extreme Kolinsky Brush

Model : #8

Market price : US $ 64.30

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Product Information

Edinburgh brushes in order to have a rigorous and meticulous quality pedigree, and much loved by professionals.
Following the 2004 launch - Edinburgh purple diamond nail brush, the 2009 series is more crystal brushes limit in the top series.


1 Senior pure mink, satin brass, aluminum, white diamonds, with a dedicated pen cap

2 # 8 nib width 5.0mm, length 22.0mm brush

How to use:

Edinburgh in addition to follow the anti-solvent, abrasion Siberian mink production. More pick a longer, more flexible precious mink part Tippy its excellent flexibility and cohesion, in point of taking action on the solvent and crystal powder, is more excellent characteristics for use in solvent has been wet pink jelly tip picks up the right amount of powder in a sculpture or 3D surface pattern drawn on paper or aluminum foil can also be dampened with nail painting pigments, or fake nails in the nail surface to draw patterns