Privacy Policy

  • Privacy policy content, including NIBO how to deal with users in the use of Web services, to collect personally identifiable information, and also to package NIBO how to deal with any personally identifiable information to share in the business partners and NIBO. NIBO you register to use the account, use NIBO products or services, browse NIBO pages, participate in promotional activities or sweepstakes game NIBO collect your personally identifiable information. NIBO also to obtain personal information from our business partners.
  • When registered in NIBO, we will ask your name, email address, birth date, gender, occupation, etc.. You registered in NIBO, success, and sign in to use our services, we will know you. NIBO also automatically receive and record the value of the server on your browser, including Internet Protocol addresses (IP Address) NIBO cookie information and the page you have requested access to the.
    NIBO will use the data as the following purposes:
    Improvements to provide you with the advertising and content
    Complete your requirements of a product
    Notify you of special events or new products
  • NIBO will not sell or rent your personally identifiable information to any person.
  • Under the following conditions NIBO to other persons or companies to provide your personally identifiable information:
    To obtain your consent before sharing of information with other persons or companies.
    Need to share your information with other persons or companies to be able to provide products or services you have requested.
    To the company on behalf of NIBO provide services or products to provide information in order to provide you with products or services (if we do not have prior notice to you, these companies have no right to use the personal information we provide, as to purposes other than the product or service) .
    Shall comply with the requirements of the Act or government agencies; or we find you on the site in violation of NIBO terms of service or product, the service-specific user guide.
  • In order to protect user privacy, we can not query other users' account information for you, please forgive me! If you have related to legal issues need to access others' personal data, be sure to policing unit, we will fully cooperate with the investigation of the police units and provide all relevant information to assist in the investigation.
  • NIBO to your computer settings and access NIBO cookies.
  • NIBO allowed manufacturers to display ads on our web site to your computer settings and access the cookie. Other companies according to their own privacy protection policy, rather than this policy to use its the cookie. Advertisers or other companies do not have NIBO the cookie.
  • When When NIBO related to its products and services, will use web beacons to access our network of web sites and extract cookie use.
  • NIBO gives you at any time to modify the personal NIBO account information and preferences powers, including the acceptance of NIBO notify you of special events or new product decision-making power.
  • To protect your privacy and security, your NIBO account information will be used to use SSL password-protected.
  • NIBO can amend this policy from time to time. When we make any substantial changes in the provisions on the use of personal data, we will put up notices on a web page and notify you of related matters.
  • If you have any views and suggestions, please tell us [email protected].