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Welcome joining NIBO professional make-up in order to protect your rights, registered Member, please read the following matters:

The Members specification

  • The NIBO site of Jiayu Limited operation, applied to join the NIBO professional make-up members of the free nature. You become NIBO Member, it means that you have read, understand and agree to accept all the terms of this website. In addition, you agree to receive any information NIBO send letters. Members can use the various services provided by NIBO, and subject to the provisions of membership rules and the trading Failure to comply with NIBO retain the right to cancel the membership be canceled membership, will lose all membership rights and benefits, the member shall not require any form of compensation or damages.
  • NIBO professional make-up reserved the right to modify the consent at any time, not otherwise members be notified individually, we recommend you always pay attention to in this consent form to modify or change. If you have any modifications or changes after the use of the Service, as you have read, understood and agree to the amendments of this consent.
  • If you are 20 years of age, your parents (or guardians) to read, understand and agree with this agree all the contents and its subsequent amendments to change the party may use or continued use of this service. When you use or continued use of this service is presumed to your parents (or guardian) have read, understood and agree to the consent of all its subsequent amendments to change.

Membership Benefits

  • Members of each consumer can be accumulated 1:00 points, bonus points for members' feedback on the for NIBO professional make-up.
  • Consumer shopping can accumulate points. Contain all the special offers where the consumer gift points coins. Logistics costs, except for cash on delivery fee.
  • Spending 500 yuan can be used Offsetting points every 60 points on the website and Offsetting shopping gold NT1, using the points set off against the members, are required to purchase the goods of the original member price the highest 30% of the amount can be set off against the "original member price" of goods to buy.
  • The new members join now free gift of 500 points, you can use the first order.
  • Invite friends to join members to earn points!
    Introduce you to friends and relatives to join the membership, as long as the relatives and friends at the official website of consumption, introduced by order checkout to complete one week (unsubscribe), this order of 5% points back gold; NIBO Thank you for your good products introduced to the people! (Example: friends and family consumption NT1000 Referrals available NT1000X5% of X60 = 3,000 points, and so on)
  • Members earn points, non-transferable to others.
  • From time to time send members Haokang reported and newsletters, allowing you to step ahead of the special offer messages of professional makeup and professional maintenance of new knowledge.
  • Enjoy the product Member price.
  • You can participate from time to time draw and product feedback.
  • Exchange bonus points and when non-shoppers need to burden when the time freight.
  • New listing notification and trial opportunities.
  • Since 2012, counting the period of validity is limited to the annual 1/1-12/31, 12/1-12/31 accumulated points during the year, the period of validity automatically extended to the next year 1/31 and so on. Fails to set off against the completion of the points will be removed.

Note: Before ordering

  • Skin care products are not medical surgery or treatment is not immediately effective, long-term use can improve your skin. If you need to quickly improve skin problems, we recommend that you seek the assistance of professional doctors.
  • The skin of each person's situation is different, different allergens, a skin care products can be applied to all skin types. If you are a sensitive skin, first on a small area in front of the ear to determine the allergic reaction and then the whole face. Skin abnormal swelling should be immediately disabled, and as soon as possible to get medical diagnosis and treatment.
  • Purchase orders to said buyers and sellers deal agreement, in 3-5 days to complete the transaction.
  • If you agree to our more than philosophy, and the ability to reorder the product accept NIBO rules. We apologize for the inconvenience!
  • Your purchase is completed, click on Checkout, if you buy membership, we will require your username and password, if you do not want to register as a member can also use the status of the general public to buy (the status of the general public to buy can not receive member discounts preferential services), then back to the checkout area, where you can change the consignee and the shipping address after the confirmation, click "Submit Information."


  • NIBO professional make-up to accept only the same single data Member, that you can build your personal data once, please do not log on.
  • You log in to become a member must fill out accurate information, found false log in, or the original log data does not meet the real but not update, NIBO website reserves the right to terminate your network membership and the right to use the services. If you fraudulent use of the name of others, caused the loss of other members or site NIBO will retain the power to prosecute, and provide relevant information to the police and investigative agencies survey.
  • To protect your rights, please keep your account number and password, membership the NIBO identified based on the username and password to complete exercise of the rights and interests of members the NIBO website all transactions and accumulate points. If you suspect that your password may be leaked immediately to the "Member Center" to update your information. Apprehension of any lost or stolen, you should immediately notify NIBO so as not to harm your interests. Attributable to their account and password in the membership of the reasons leak, caused membership loss, or have other legal responsibility borne by the loss or liability by the member.

Member Data Protection

  • You agree to the Privacy Statement of the NIBO professional makeup, professional make-up in NIBO login or retention of personal data will be closely guarded, and information to maintain the necessary authorization.

To accept the obligations and responsibilities of members

  • You promise to comply with relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of China and the international Internet regulations and practices.
  • You may damage, interfere with or intrusion NIBO professional make-up all the information, function, intention or behavior of the system.
  • You agree and warrant not post advertisements, and malicious attacks from others, the sale of goods, published indecent file with text, pictures, or any form of vulgar or infringement of intellectual property rights of others in NIBO professional makeup.
  • You agree that the copyright must be fully respected, prohibiting the publication infringes upon the intellectual property text, pictures, or any form of file.
    You understand the "content" provided by the NIBO site for your published before prior to the review, to refuse, remove or appropriately modify the right, and to comply with your text and content does not infringe another's copyright or other interest NIBO professional make-up will not be responsible for the release to the members.
  • Non-professional makeup NIBO agree that you may not NIBO professional make-up any data copy, transfer, distribute or lease, sale and other acts.

Member Purchase Protection

  • ATM transfer NIBO provide you the following payment methods: (a), (b) network the ATM, (c) credit card payment (d) cash on delivery (e) to store pickup.
  • Your purchase payment upon the NIBO sent a letter to confirm NIBO immediately arranged to ship the prescribed manner of all orders are NIBO delivery in remote areas or special factors, about 7 days (except national holidays), you can receive Order merchandise. If special shipping days or the case will be published on the website instructions.
  • NIBO in receipt of payments made, according to you fill out the contact telephone number to contact you and the delivery of goods to the address you specified, you must receive the goods, on the spot to confirm whether the goods you ordered. check the goods and does some damage, to ensure your shopping interests.
  • If you received the goods in the course of delivery of damaged or defective, or for returned goods, you agree to abide NIBO Returns principles and refund approach, and enjoys the right to receive goods from the date of 7 days Returns.
  • You agree that when ordering behavior NIBO of electronic transaction data shown NIBO prevail, if the dispute to the electronic transaction information for that standard.

Other terms of effectiveness

  • This agreement the whole or part of any network set in Member Terms is invalid, does not affect the other terms of effectiveness. Member If you have any questions, please contact us.
  • The Company reserves the right at any time based on the individual notice to modify or change the above terms, the revised terms will be posted on the "Member benefits" of this site, the Company will not be a member of and recommend that you pay attention to the revisions, and the changes. Your continued use of the Site after the modifications or changes service, you are deemed to have read, understood and agree to the revisions and changes have been completed.
  • Other deficiencies v. matters in accordance with the relevant provisions of the laws of the Republic of China.

SSL to protect the security of data transmission

  • Your site to receive the information you send is the SSL encryption technology, which represents any third party can not obtain your information from the Internet than you and we can be assured the information you have entered is send the.